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Our center has been actively involve in supporting social initiatives for nearly fifteen years.

From 2007 to 2009 we have supported a civil innitiative which aimed at solving the social problems of Berehove and the Berehove district, and enhancing development of the Bereg region involving local communities, with the cooperation of the local population, non-profit organisations and business sector representatives.

In line with the European Union’s freedom policy, cross-border cooperation between civil society organizations began in 2008. In the frame of the nearly one-year program, the so-called ACCORD members (20 organizations) were introduced to the EU’s neighborhood policy through training courses and conferences. As part of the program, representatives of the member organizations took part in a study trip to Hungary, during which they visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Hungary, local governments and social institutions of non-governmental organizations.

One year later, a conference was organized involving 42 Ukrainian NGOs and international experts. The participants discussed cooperation opportunities between the European Union and Ukraine in the framework of EU’s neighbourhood policy.

The EU enterpreneurship development training held for Transcarpathian enterpreneurs in 2009 proved to be an important initiative both at regional and national level. The 44 small entrepreneurs participating in the training got acquainted with business opportunities within the European Union, bilateral Hungarian-Ukrainian cooperation, the topics of business entrepreneurship, company formation, company operation, patent protection, tender writing and tender monitoring.

In 2010 training series were organized in several locations – Lemberg, Ivano-Frankivsk and Berehove – to acquaint representatives of Ukrainian organizations with the principles, standards and concepts of humanitarian work and the operation of European humanitarian organizations.

Facilitating methodological education for humanitarian organisations in Western Ukraine started in 2013. The project aimed to prepare Western Ukrainian NGOs for potential disasters and response to these based on Hungarian experiences and best practices.

The ADVANCE Transcarpathian Advocacy and Development Center organized its first half-marathon with the help of volunteers of the American Peace Corps under the name of Half-marathon of Berehove Wine Region in 2009. The innitiative’s focus was not only on sports but also intended to popularize and present the Bereg region.  The sport event got its current name, the ’Berehove Charity Half-marathon’ in 2015 when – with the support of Hungarian Interchurch Aid – charity and assistance to disadvantaged families has become the top priority of the race.

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