Social programs

Social programs:

  • Social and legal counseling (2000-2008, donor: HEKS)
  • Milk kitchen program, 2000-2003
  • Reconstruction of the laundry room of the Vilsani Children’s Home
  • Public works program, 2001
  • Support to kitchen gardening and animal husbandry of kindergartens in the Berehove district (2000-2001, donor: HIA)
  • Support to Sándor Petőfi Pensioners’ Club in Berehove (2000-2008, donor: HEKS, HIA)
  • Reconstruction of the kindergarten in Bene (2000, donor: district 11 of Budapest)
  • Construction of the Village House of Bene (2001-2002; donor: HIA, district 11 of Budapest)

Civil Information Office (2000-) Providing free legal aid and social counseling to those in need in Berehove city and Berehove district.

School start campaign (2012-) Supporting the school start of disadvantaged children living in Berehove city and Berehove district with school equipment packages.

‘Tanoda’ (after-school eductation) program (15 November 2017 – 31 March 2019) The aim of the play-centered development and community building sessions was to achieve a positive change in children’s socialization patterns formed by poverty, inadequate living conditions, and negative family situations. Staff members wanted to develop children’s awareness of rules, the ability to cooperate within the group, and to work independently. The development activities greatly contribute to making children more confident, improving their school behavior, and making them more cooperative and constructive in their daily lives.

’Perspective’ program The ’Perspective’ Training Center was established in 2005 with the aim of giving the population of Berehove and Berehove district the opportunity to participate in vocational training in Hungarian language.  Those who were learning here, took part in social worker and computer user accredited training.


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Please, support the work  of the ADVANCE center in Berehove to help even more families with food, firewood and child development programs!




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